5 Canadian NFL Players to Keep an Eye on This Season

The 2024/25 NFL season is scheduled to get underway in September 2025 and will be the 105th edition of the National Football League.

The regular season will run from September 5, 2024, until January 5, 2025, followed by the playoffs, which will start on January 11, culminating in the Super Bowl (Super Bowl LIX) on February 9.

Here are the names of five Canadian players that will be worth keeping an eye on in the upcoming 2024/25 NFL season.


Top 5 Canadians to watch in the 2024/25 NFL season

There are now more Canadian players than ever in the National Football League, but instead of listing them all, here are just five of the most notable Canadians that will be worth keeping a close eye on throughout the upcoming 2024/25 regular NFL season. They include the following:

  1. Name: Jevon Holland. Current team: Miami Dolphins (#8). Position: Safety. Age: 24. Sacks: 4.0. Defensive touchdowns: 1. Played college football for: Oregon
  2. Name: John Metchie III. Current team: Houston Texans (#8). Position: Wide receiver. Age: 23. Played college football for: Alabama
  3. Name: Joshua Palmer. Current team: Los Angeles Chargers (#5). Position: Wide receiver. Age: 24. Sacks: 4.0. Defensive touchdowns: 1. Played college football for: Tennessee
  4. Name: Chase Claypool. Current team: Miami Dolphins – free agent. Position: Safety. Age: 25. Receiving touchdowns: 27. Played college football for: Notre Dame
  5. Name: Chuba Hubbard. Current team: Carolina Panthers (#30). Position: Running back. Age: 24. Receiving touchdowns: 1. Receiving yards: 578. Rushing attempts: 505. Played college football for: Oklahoma

Some of you may not agree with all of the names on this list, especially Chase Claypool. However, after conducting plenty of research and seeing what the expert analysts have said, most agree that these are the top five Canadians that will be worth keeping a close eye on next year.

Who will win Super Bowl LIX?

The quickest, easiest, and most reliable way to find out which NFL team will most likely win the 2025 Super Bowl (aka Super Bowl LIX) would be to check the latest American football odds and lines currently being offered by today’s most trusted online bookmakers such as 10bet.com.

Here are the latest average odds for the three teams with the best chance of winning the next Super Bowl:

  • Odds-on favourites: San Francisco 49ers. American/moneyline odds: +550. Implied probability rate: 15.4%
  • Second odds-on favourites: Kansas City Chiefs. American/moneyline odds: +650. Implied probability rate: 13.3%
  • Third odds-on favourites: Baltimore Ravens. American/moneyline odds: +950. Implied probability rate: 9.50%

The Kansas City Chiefs are the odds-on favourites to win the AFC Championship outright at +350 (22.20% IPR), and the San Francisco 49ers are the odds-on favourites to win the NFC Championship outright at +240 (29.50% IPR.

Who are the best Canadians ever to have played in the NFL?

Since the NFL was established in 1920, many Canadian players have left their mark on the league for one reason or another. Some of the best Canadian players ever to have graced the league are either still playing today or hung up their boots for good several decades ago.

According to the experts, the best Canadian footballers to have ever played in the NFL are Bronko Nagurski, Jevon Holland, Arnie Weinmeister, Mith Berger, Mark Rypien, Mike Vanderjagt, and Nate Burleson.

Are there any other trending NFL bets for the upcoming season I should know about?

If you are looking to place a wager on the upcoming NFL season that starts in September, here are a few trending bets you may be interested in placing.

The odds-on favourite player to win the 2024/25 MVP (Most Valuable Player) is Patrick Mahomes (Kansas City Chiefs) at +650.

Christian McCaffrey (San Francisco 49ers) is the odds-on favourite to win the 2024/25 Offensive Player of the Year at +800, and Micah Parsons (Dallas Cowboys) is the odds-on favourite to win the Defensive Player of the Year (+500).

Important things to remember about betting on the NFL

If you decide to place a wager on any of these star Canadian athletes or the NFL teams that they play for in the upcoming 2024/25 season, remember to do your research into an event before betting. Doing so will help you place more informed bets.

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To place bets on the NFL on this fully regulated online sportsbook, the minimum age required by law is usually (18) in most countries, but in places like Canada, it’s 19, and in most US states, it’s 21 (despite the federal minimum age requirement standing at 18).